NVIDIA® Jetson™ solutions

As an NVIDIA Elite Partner, Stereolabs has been in close contact with NVIDIA in developing advanced hardware and software 3D perception solutions for advanced robotics, XR and spatial analytics applications. By combining ZED cameras and SDK with NVIDIA’s AI supercomputers, Stereolabs delivers an end-to-end workflow, helping customers speed up implementation of 3D perception from prototype to large scale deployments.

Camera + Software

Bringing Human Vision to Machines

From robots to drones and cars, Stereolabs empowers machines with the ability to see and understand. We enable developers across multiple industries to create truly intelligent machines and applications that improve our daily lives.

Neural Depth Perception

Using neural depth sensing, perceive your surroundings in 3D up to 20m distance, with increased accuracy in close range.

Environment 3D Mapping

Localize your robot and capture a map of your environment using 3D SLAM. ROS compatible.

Spatial AI

Recognize and track 3D objects in real-time for navigation and manipulation.

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Optimized for NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform

With ZED cameras and NVIDIA Jetson embedded platforms, start building the next generation of smart AI robotics and analytics applications. Get ZED SDK for NVIDIA Jetson.

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