ZED/ZED Mini for FIRST Robotics Competition 2019

LAUNCH,” the 2019 edition of the FIRST Robotics Challenge, promises to bring some exciting projects to fruition as students around the world reach for the stars. 

To support these endeavors, and to allow our ZED cameras to qualify under the competition’s $400 limit on individual components, we’re offering a special discount code for competitors. 

That means students can give their robots the power to see depth at up to 40 meters away in real-time, at up to 2k resolution. It also means access to  high-level features of the ZED SDK like SLAM, plane detection and 3D scanning. 

To Infinity, and Beyond! 

If you’re a LAUNCH competitor, email us at with a short description of your team and how you plan on using the ZED. 

Once you have your ZED, check out our Github for wrappers and examples. In particular, check out our ROS wrapper, which we’ve been hard at work improving and documenting. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to support again if you need a little help – or if you have pictures to share! 

We’re thrilled that FIRST provides students with this opportunity every year, and can’t wait to see the results. Good luck!